Popular Fabric Choices for Kenyan Furniture Upholstery

Are you tired of your furniture looking drab and outdated? Well, look no further! Let’s dive into the world of popular fabric choices for Kenyan furniture upholstery. Kenyans have a rich history of incorporating vibrant African prints into their interior design, giving their furniture a unique and eye-catching appeal. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, why not consider leather? It adds a touch of sophistication and durability to any piece of furniture. For a softer and more velvety feel, velvet is a popular choice that offers both comfort and elegance. Chenille and jacquard fabrics are also gaining popularity, with their intricate patterns and texture. So, whether you’re going for a traditional or modern look, there’s a fabric out there that will transform your furniture into something truly remarkable.

Key Takeaways

  • African prints and cultural significance: African prints with vibrant and bold patterns, geometric shapes, and intricate designs are popular choices for Kenyan furniture upholstery due to their cultural significance and storytelling qualities.
  • Leather and synthetic alternatives: Leather and synthetic alternatives offer natural beauty and durability, adding elegance and sophistication to furniture designs. Synthetic leather or bonded leather can be considered as alternatives, but proper care is essential for longevity and prevention of damage.
  • Velvet and luxurious texture: Velvet is a soft and comfortable fabric choice that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to furniture upholstery. It is durable and long-lasting, with a wide range of colors and styles available. However, regular vacuuming and avoiding direct sunlight are important for its proper care.
  • Chenille and cozy durability: Chenille is a cozy and durable fabric choice made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and acrylic fibers. It is more affordable than velvet and works well with various furniture styles, adding a cozy and inviting touch to any piece of furniture.

African Prints

When choosing fabric for your Kenyan furniture upholstery, consider the vibrant and bold patterns of African prints. African prints have become increasingly popular in modern design, adding a touch of cultural significance to upholstery. These prints are characterized by vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and intricate patterns, making them a striking choice for furniture upholstery.

African prints have a rich history and cultural significance. They often tell stories and convey messages through their designs. Each print carries its own meaning, representing different aspects of African culture and heritage. By incorporating African prints into your furniture upholstery, you can add a unique and meaningful touch to your home.

In addition to their cultural significance, African prints also bring a sense of vibrancy and liveliness to any space. The bold colors and patterns can instantly transform a room, adding a pop of color and visual interest. Whether you choose to use African prints for accent pieces or as the main upholstery for your furniture, they are sure to make a statement and create a visually stunning focal point.


Consider using leather as a versatile and durable fabric choice for your Kenyan furniture upholstery. Leather is a popular option due to its natural beauty, resilience, and ability to age gracefully. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, making it an excellent choice for both modern and traditional furniture designs.

When considering leather upholstery, it’s important to be aware of the various leather alternatives available. Synthetic leather, also known as faux leather or pleather, is an affordable and animal-friendly alternative. It offers similar aesthetics to genuine leather but may not have the same durability or longevity. Another option is bonded leather, which is made from leather scraps and polyurethane. While it is more affordable, it may not have the same quality or durability as full-grain or top-grain leather.

To ensure your leather upholstery stands the test of time, proper care is essential. Regularly dusting and vacuuming your leather furniture will help remove any dirt or debris. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the leather. Instead, opt for mild soap and water for gentle cleaning. Conditioning the leather every six to twelve months will help keep it moisturized and prevent cracking.

Transitioning into the next section, let’s explore another popular fabric choice for Kenyan furniture upholstery: velvet.


One popular choice for Kenyan furniture upholstery is velvet. Velvet upholstery can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any piece of furniture. Here are three benefits of velvet upholstery for Kenyan furniture:

  1. Soft and Comfortable: Velvet is known for its soft and plush texture, making it incredibly comfortable to sit or lounge on. Its smooth surface provides a cozy and inviting feel, perfect for relaxing after a long day.
  2. Durable and Long-lasting: Velvet upholstery is known for its durability, making it ideal for Kenyan homes. It can withstand regular use and is resistant to wear and tear. With proper care, velvet upholstery can maintain its beauty and quality for years to come.
  3. Stylish and Versatile: Velvet upholstery comes in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home decor. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant hue or a subtle and neutral tone, velvet upholstery can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of your furniture.

To care for velvet upholstery in a Kenyan climate, it is important to:

  • Regularly vacuum the fabric to remove any dust or debris.
  • Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Clean up spills immediately using a damp cloth and mild detergent, being careful not to rub the fabric vigorously.


If you’re looking for a cozy and durable fabric choice for your Kenyan furniture upholstery, consider chenille. Chenille is a popular fabric option that offers a luxurious feel and exceptional durability. It is made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and acrylic fibers, which gives it a soft and plush texture.

When comparing chenille to velvet, both fabrics have their pros and cons. Chenille is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is also more affordable than velvet, making it a great choice for budget-conscious individuals. On the other hand, velvet has a more luxurious and elegant appearance compared to chenille. It is known for its softness and smooth texture. However, velvet can be more delicate and prone to damage, especially from spills and stains.

Choosing the right upholstery fabric for different furniture styles is crucial to achieve the desired look and feel. Chenille is a versatile fabric that can work well with various furniture styles, from traditional to modern. Its soft and plush texture adds a cozy and inviting touch to any piece of furniture. Whether you’re upholstering a sofa, chair, or ottoman, chenille is a great option that combines comfort and durability.


Jacquard fabric offers a stylish and versatile option for Kenyan furniture upholstery. With its rich history and cultural significance, incorporating jacquard upholstery into your furniture can add an air of elegance and sophistication to any room. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing jacquard fabric for your upholstery needs:

  1. History and Cultural Significance: Jacquard fabric originated in France in the early 19th century and quickly gained popularity due to its intricate patterns and luxurious feel. It was named after Joseph-Marie Jacquard, the inventor of the Jacquard loom, which revolutionized the textile industry. Today, jacquard fabric is still highly regarded for its craftsmanship and artistic value, making it a timeless choice for furniture upholstery.
  2. Advantages of Jacquard Upholstery: One of the main advantages of jacquard fabric is its durability. The tightly woven patterns and high thread count make it resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your furniture will withstand the test of time. Additionally, jacquard fabric is known for its versatility, as it can be used to create a wide range of patterns and designs, from traditional to modern. This allows you to find the perfect jacquard upholstery that complements your personal style and home decor.
  3. Disadvantages of Jacquard Upholstery: While jacquard fabric offers many benefits, it is important to consider some potential drawbacks. One disadvantage is that jacquard upholstery may be more expensive compared to other fabrics due to its intricate weaving process and high-quality materials. Additionally, jacquard fabric may require special care and cleaning methods to maintain its appearance and prevent damage. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional cleaning services when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do African Prints Differ From Other Fabric Choices for Upholstery?

African prints differ from other fabric choices for upholstery due to their cultural significance and popularity in fashion. They bring a unique and vibrant touch to furniture, reflecting the rich heritage of African design.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Leather for Furniture Upholstery?

Using leather for furniture upholstery has advantages like durability and a luxurious look. However, it can be expensive and requires regular maintenance. Consider these pros and cons when deciding on leather for your furniture.

Is Velvet a Suitable Fabric Choice for Households With Pets or Children?

Velvet can be a luxurious choice for furniture upholstery, but it may not be the best option for households with pets or children. Consider alternatives like microfiber or leather, which are more durable and easier to clean.

How Does Chenille Compare to Other Fabric Choices in Terms of Durability and Maintenance?

Chenille is a durable fabric choice for furniture upholstery. It requires regular maintenance, such as vacuuming and spot cleaning. Its durability makes it suitable for households with pets or children.

What Are the Unique Characteristics and Design Options Available With Jacquard Fabric for Upholstery?

Jacquard fabric offers unique design options with its intricate patterns. It is known for its durability and can withstand daily wear and tear. You’ll love the variety of choices available when it comes to jacquard fabric for upholstery.


In conclusion, when it comes to upholstery for Kenyan furniture, African prints, leather, velvet, chenille, and jacquard are the popular fabric choices. These fabrics not only add character and style to furniture pieces but also provide durability and comfort. Whether you prefer the vibrant and unique patterns of African prints or the timeless elegance of leather and velvet, there is a fabric choice to suit every taste and preference. Consider these options when selecting upholstery for your Kenyan furniture to create a beautiful and inviting space.